Ants Devour Slug Alive!

Ants are known for their impressive teamwork and hunting abilities, and they are capable of taking down much larger prey than themselves. One example of this is when ants devour a slug alive.

Slugs are slow-moving creatures that can easily fall prey to ants. When a group of ants comes across a slug, they will swarm around it and start biting it with their powerful jaws. The ants release a chemical called formic acid, which helps to immobilize the slug and break down its body tissues.

As the ants continue to bite the slug, they will eventually start to devour it alive. They will eat through the slug’s soft body tissues, consuming its internal organs and eventually killing it. The process can take several hours, but the ants are persistent and will continue until there is nothing left of the slug.


This behavior is a fascinating example of how ants work together to take down larger prey. By using their teamwork and powerful jaws, they are able to overcome creatures that are much larger and stronger than themselves.

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