Primitive Technology – Easy Snake Trap With Old Clay Pot Catch Big Snake in Hole

Discover the fascinating world of primitive technology as we delve into the creation of an easy snake trap using an old clay pot. Witness the ingenuity and effectiveness of this ancient method as it successfully captures a big snake in a cleverly crafted hole.

In this captivating endeavor, the utilization of simple materials and techniques showcases the resourcefulness of our ancestors. The clay pot, with its humble origins, becomes an essential tool in the construction of the snake trap. Its cylindrical shape and sturdy structure provide the ideal foundation for this ingenious endeavor.

The process begins by excavating a hole in the ground, strategically positioned to entice and capture the snake. With careful precision, the trap is designed to mimic a natural habitat, luring the serpent into its depths. The clay pot acts as the centerpiece, serving as  

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